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FRIDAY FEB 2 9:30pm

Amenra is a Belgian doom metal band formed in 1999. From their beginnings, the band has always left an impression with their particularly gripping live performances. The mixture of their music and visuals is striking, and carries the audience into the realm of the Church of Ra.

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Hangman’s Chair is the go-to for French sludge and stoner. Formed in 2005, the band is onto their 6th studio album, A Loner, released in 2022. After two memorable Parisian dates at the Zénith and the Salle Pleyel, we are delighted to welcome them for a magnificent performance at the Grande Halle de la Villette.


© Robert Hernandez


An emblematic figure of dark tattooing, being one of its great precursors in the 1990s, Robert Hernandez marked the history of tattooing with his incomparable style. Tattoo artist since 1992, he spent all of his career based in Madrid, Spain.

This year he will exhibit a collection of skulls and portraits: 8 original works emblematic of his artistic universe.

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Guil Zekri is a contemporary Israeli figurative painter, tattoo artist and director of the Cologne Academy of Fine Arts. Guil Zekri gained his reputation in the tattoo world by opening his first shop "Reinkarnation", in Cologne in 2007.

Guil Zekri transforms imagination into realistic tattoos and his oil paintings blend Baroque and neoclassical styles, marked by his Jewish roots, and his life spent in Israel.

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Danny Boy is an Old School Hispanic-American tattoo artist based for 20 years in Amsterdam and Indio Reyes is a Mexican tattoo artist based in Guadalajara, specialized in the Chicano tattoo style.

At the Tattoo Planetarium, they will exhibit works that created the genesis of Chicano art - from prisons and the tough streets of California and northern Mexico, which has since led to a celebrated style in its own right from, L.A. to Asia.

© Akimitsu Takagi, courtesy of Pascal Bagot


The Tattoo Writer is a research project led by French journalist and Japanese tattoo specialist Pascal Bagot, around the photographry of Akimitsu Takagi.

Akimitsu Takagi (1920-1995) is one of Japan's greatest detective novelists of the 20th century. Passionate about tattoos, he documents the underground world of tattoo artists and tattooed people in 1950's and 60's Tokyo. Lost in the novelist's library, unknown until their discovery in 2017, these photographs establish him as one of the most important witnesses to the history of tattooing in 20th century Japan.

The Tattoo Writer is also a book (released in 2022, reprinted in 2023) that brings together more than 130 of these photographs. During the convention, an exhibition of Akimitsu Takagi's photos will be presented using a selection of silver prints made from the original negatives.

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© Akimitsu Takagi, courtesy of Pascal Bagot